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No progress

Headache day, YAH MAN.

That said, I sketched out a simple static script API that is sort of extendable later to accomodate some more dynamic things and an actual script parser if it comes to it, so I have something to implement tomorrow more or less. I wish I could have done this today, but alas.

Also spent more time than I should have looking for a new phone since mine is on the brink of death. A lot of my tech seems to be in that condition these days since I haven’t upgraded anything for years, almost a decade with some – including said Motorola EM30.



Made some animation action support, along with sequences and blocks (simultaneous actions) and a shorthand to use all of that mess, so now I can do things like this:

new Sequence()
  ..add(new Block()
    ..field(c2, #alpha, 0, 1, 3500)
    ..field(c2, #x, 32, 732, 7000))
  ..field(c2, #alpha, 1, 0, 3500)

Why do I need all that for a simple VN API (yes, I’m not going to parse a script right now, just making an internal DSL for simplicity’s sake, much like Ren’Py 1)? Pretty much these things:

  • Things like “first I want that character to change pose with fade, then I want the other one to change pose with fade while he starts speaking”;
  • Easier skip and rollback – as long as I keep track of each sprite position and other parameters I can just run or finalize actions whenever I need to skip or continue from a given script “line”;
  • If I’ll have to parse a script later, the execution tree will pretty much consist of actions and branching points – for something simple that seems fairly adequate.

And I’ve started writing said VN API, SaeScript, though didn’t make much progress yet.


Temporary genre swap

We’ve decided to make a short kinetic webnovel first, so I refocused my efforts on making a simplistic dialogue manager. We’d need it sooner or later anyway, of course.

Going to use a simple simultaneous and sequential action/animation scheme. I’ll probably make it as an API first (internal DSL style), don’t really want to bother with parsing scripts and there’d be no practical use for that at this point.

As for progress, I was mostly fixing some bugs yesterday and being annoyed at Dart Editor’s overreliance on symlinks, which are kind of a bother to work with in Windows, especially when you have to actually distribute your web app. I could duplicate the resources of course, but that’s also annoying.

This might have just worked…


Comvoy no nazo

The catgirl clearly likes shiny things. What do you know, I actually wrote thirty more lines of code.

Another short-lived demo here.

If you’ve never played Mystery of Convoy, now is the time. Or just go watch AllieRX’s review and Arino’s Game Center CX challenge.