Sort of not dead yet


All right, I might’ve been working at work and playing Super Heroine Chronicles a bit too much. Neither is easy since the former is obviously work and the latter requires my brain to overload due to reading Japanese, which I am very, very bad at.

I might review the game whenever I finish it (not soon, plus I’ll take a break to get some coding done) and my new phone, the octa-core Zopo ZP998 a.k.a. ZWX 9520. First impressions on which are the following: unless you go x86, you’re not likely to get a better 10-bit anime player phone, but it has some flaws otherwise, most importantly due to a shoddy firmware that Zopo has promised to fix.

Speaking of work, we have this massive project where we’re pretty much making a native Android/iOS app generator for publication-related businesses and others who might need publishing lots of things (think Conduit, but less versatile yet much better at the specific things it does). Insane things happen every day when we’re building infrastructure for that… Spent most of the day making a Ruby server for the build subsystem to use with an already existing C# client/coordinator thing, wrote the actual thing in an hour, but figuring out how to format Ruby data into whatever data formats Microsoft decided to use was a pain in the ass. LEP128, endianness, things like that. These things make me annoyed and bored to be honest, but sadly necessary from time to time.

So… yeah.

Oh, and the laptop is still broken, I’m afraid that the screen will fall off completely before the new lid arrives, that would be a damn shame. Gotta hold out for two more weeks or so…


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